Join the release team!

Join the release team!

Communication channels

The release team communicates and meets on the #openstack-release channel on OFTC IRC, on the openstack-discuss mailing-list using the [release] subject prefix.

The engagement ladder

Getting involved with release management can feel a bit overwhelming. To set expectations reasonably, we define 4 levels of engagement.

Stage 0 - Review release requests

This stage does not require any special rights. You should just review release requests (modifications of files in deliverables/ directory in the releases repository), apply the release review rules and vote.

See the Reviewer Guide for more review guidelines.

Stage 1 - Approving release requests

At this stage you will be trusted with CodeReview+2 and Workflow+1 votes on the releases repository, giving you the ability to trigger releases. You will need a base understanding of the Release infrastructure, and know to refrain from approving when unsure.

Checklist before approving a release:

  • You should only approve release requests.

  • You should check that release is approved by PTL or release liaison

  • You should check that infrastructure is not currently experiencing issues

  • You should check that we are not in any freeze period

  • If unsure, it is better to wait for a second opinion that to press Workflow+1 directly.

Stage 2 - Knowing the release cycle process

At this stage you will be able to help drive the release cycle process, send reminder emails and answer questions from release liaisons.

Stage 3 - Understanding the Release Automation Infrastructure

At this stage you will be able to debug complex Release infrastructure failures, and review/approve release tooling changes.

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