OpenStack Releases

OpenStack Releases

Release Series

OpenStack is developed and released around 6-month cycles. After the initial release, additional stable point releases will be released in each release series. You can find the detail of the various release series here on their series page. Subscribe to the combined release calendar for continual updates.

Series Status Initial Release Date Next Phase EOL Date
Rocky Future proposed   TBD
Queens Under Development scheduled   TBD
Pike Phase I – Latest release 2017-08-30 Phase II – Maintained release on 2018-02-26 2018-09-03
Ocata Phase II – Maintained release 2017-02-22 Phase III – Legacy release on 2018-02-26 2018-02-26
Newton EOL 2016-10-06   2017-10-25
Mitaka EOL 2016-04-07   2017-04-10
Liberty EOL 2015-10-15   2016-11-17
Kilo EOL 2015-04-30   2016-05-02
Juno EOL 2014-10-16   2015-12-07
Icehouse EOL 2014-04-17   2015-07-02
Havana EOL 2013-10-17   2014-09-30
Grizzly EOL 2013-04-04   2014-03-29
Folsom EOL 2012-09-27   2013-11-19
Essex EOL 2012-04-05   2013-05-06
Diablo EOL 2011-09-22   2013-05-06
Cactus Deprecated 2011-04-15    
Bexar Deprecated 2011-02-03    
Austin Deprecated 2010-10-21    

Series-Independent Releases

Some projects are released independently from the OpenStack release series. You can find their releases listed here:

Cryptographic Signatures

Git tags created through our release automation are signed by centrally-managed OpenPGP keys maintained by the OpenStack Infrastructure team. Detached signatures of many separate release artifacts are also provided using the same keys. A new key is created corresponding to each development cycle and rotated relatively early in the cycle. (Implementation completed late in the Newton cycle, so many early Newton artifacts have no corresponding signatures.)

OpenStack Infrastructure root sysadmins and Release Managers publish their own signatures of these keys into the global keyserver network. Copies of the public keys can be found below along with the date ranges during which each key was in general use.

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