OpenStack Releases

OpenStack Releases

Release Series

OpenStack is developed and released around 6-month cycles. After the initial release, additional stable point releases will be released in each release series. You can find the detail of the various release series here:

Series Status Initial Release Date EOL Date
Queens Future TBD TBD
Pike Future TBD TBD
Ocata Under Development 2017-02-23 (planned) TBD
Newton Current stable release, security-supported 2016-10-06 TBD
Mitaka Security-supported 2016-04-07 2017-04-10
Liberty Security-supported 2015-10-15 2016-11-17
Kilo EOL 2015-04-30 2016-05-02
Juno EOL 2014-10-16 2015-12-07
Icehouse EOL 2014-04-17 2015-07-02
Havana EOL 2013-10-17 2014-09-30
Grizzly EOL 2013-04-04 2014-03-29
Folsom EOL 2012-09-27 2013-11-19
Essex EOL 2012-04-05 2013-05-06
Diablo EOL 2011-09-22 2013-05-06
Cactus Deprecated 2011-04-15  
Bexar Deprecated 2011-02-03  
Austin Deprecated 2010-10-21  

Series-Independent Releases

Some projects are released independently from the OpenStack release series. You can find their releases listed here:

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