Stein Release Schedule

Stein Release Schedule

3 September 2018 - 8 April 2019 (32 weeks)

Week   Cross-project events Project-specific events
Aug 27 - Aug 31    
Sep 03 - Sep 07 R-31    
Sep 10 - Sep 14 R-30  
Sep 17 - Sep 21 R-29    
Sep 24 - Sep 28 R-28    
Oct 01 - Oct 05 R-27    
Oct 08 - Oct 12 R-26    
Oct 15 - Oct 19 R-25    
Oct 22 - Oct 26 R-24  
Oct 29 - Nov 02 R-23    
Nov 05 - Nov 09 R-22    
Nov 12 - Nov 16 R-21  
Nov 19 - Nov 23 R-20    
Nov 26 - Nov 30 R-19    
Dec 03 - Dec 07 R-18    
Dec 10 - Dec 14 R-17    
Dec 17 - Dec 21 R-16    
Dec 24 - Dec 28 R-15    
Dec 31 - Jan 04 R-14    
Jan 07 - Jan 11 R-13  
Jan 14 - Jan 18 R-12    
Jan 21 - Jan 25 R-11    
Jan 28 - Feb 01 R-10    
Feb 04 - Feb 08 R-9    
Feb 11 - Feb 15 R-8    
Feb 18 - Feb 22 R-7    
Feb 25 - Mar 01 R-6  
Mar 04 - Mar 08 R-5  
Mar 11 - Mar 15 R-4    
Mar 18 - Mar 22 R-3  
Mar 25 - Mar 29 R-2    
Apr 01 - Apr 05 R-1  
Apr 08 - Apr 12 R+0  

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With the exception of the final release date and cycle-trailing release date, deadlines are generally the Thursday of the week on which they are noted above. Exceptions to this policy will be explicitly mentioned in the event description.

Cross-project events

Stein Goals Research

Pre-cycle planning and investigation into the community-wide goals for Stein.

Stein Project Team Gathering (PTG)

Project team gathering for the Stein cycle 10 - 14 September in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Stein-1 milestone

25 October 2018 is the Stein-1 milestone window for projects following the release:cycle-with-milestones model.

Stein Community Goals Acknowledgement

Teams should prepare their acknowledgement of the community-wide goals for.

OpenStack Summit

The OpenStack Summit happens during this week in Berlin, Germany. It will include a “Forum” in which people from all parts of our community will gather to give feedback on the last release (Rocky) and discuss requirements for the next development cycle (Stein).

Stein-2 milestone

10 January 2019 is the Stein-2 milestone window for projects following the release:cycle-with-milestones model.

Final release for non-client libraries

Libraries that are not client libraries (Oslo and others) should issue their final release during this week. That allows to give time for last-minute changes before feature freeze.

Stein-3 milestone

28 February 2019 is the Stein-3 milestone window for projects following the release:cycle-with-milestones model.

Stein Community Goals Completed

Teams should prepare their documentation for completing the community-wide goals for Stein.

Feature freeze

The Stein-3 milestone marks feature freeze for projects following the release:cycle-with-milestones model. No featureful patch should be landed after this point. Exceptions may be granted by the project PTL.

Requirements freeze

After the Stein-3 milestone, only critical requirements and constraints changes will be allowed. Freezing our requirements list gives packagers downstream an opportunity to catch up and prepare packages for everything necessary for distributions of the upcoming release. The requirements remain frozen until the stable branches are created, with the release candidates.

Final release for client libraries

Client libraries should issue their final release during this week, to match feature freeze.

Soft StringFreeze

You are no longer allowed to accept proposed changes containing modifications in user-facing strings. Such changes should be rejected by the review team and postponed until the next series development opens (which should happen when RC1 is published).

Membership Freeze

Projects must participate in at least two milestones in order to be considered part of the release. Projects made official after the second milestone, or which fail to produce milestone releases for at least one of the first and second milestones as well as the third milestone, are therefore not considered part of the release for the cycle. This does not apply to cycle-trailing packaging / lifecycle management projects.

RC1 target week

This week is the target for projects following the release:cycle-with-milestones model to issue their first release candidate, with a deadline of 21 March 2019.

Hard StringFreeze

This happens when the RC1 for the project is tagged. At this point, ideally no strings are changed (or added, or removed), to give translator time to finish up their efforts.

Final RCs and intermediary releases

The week of 1 April 2019 is the last week to issue release candidates or intermediary releases before release week. During release week, only final-release-critical releases will be accepted (at the discretion of the release team).

Stein release

The Stein coordinated release will happen on 11 April 2019.

Stein cycle-trailing release deadline

The release deadline for projects using the release:cycle-trailing model that follow the main release cycle is set to 13 June, 2019.

Project-specific events

PTL Elections

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